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Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy

Malabo - Guinea Equatorial

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Welcome to BostonSolux

BostonSolux is a business development consultancy company committed to provide excellence in client services. BostonSolux implements fully integrated enterprise solutions as well as standalone products, best business processes, and best solutions to address its clients’ challenges in all areas of Business.

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Why Choose Us ?

BostonSolux offers you the benefits of a global company with local presence and experience.

  • Global Experience- Implementation
  • BostonSolux is Unique. We are focusing on what you can expect from a Consulting Firm: Industry experience.
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BostonSolux Power Training

Nowadays, no one can overlook the importance of human resource and its role in the growth and success of a company, as the worth of a company is measured by human competencies. BostonSolux offers personalized and targeted trainings in the fields of management, human resources, leadership,

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Expertise domain

Bsecured Park Solution

Bsecured Park Solution is a blended solution using  Cisco and Microsoft latest  Read more

Quick Billing

Our Quick billing solution is  a modular organized application around a standard  Read more

BSmartGrid Solution

Our Smart Grid integrated Utility Business Management  solution provides

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Bsales Pro

You need a POS to manage your Bar, your restaurant, your pressing or your hotel, Read more


SSLoGE is a BostonSolux dedicated secured link solution for banks. Read more

Mobile Banking

With close to 5 billion mobile phone subscribers but only 1.5 billion credit Read more

Our Support Strategy by Ruben M. Coulibaly CCNA , Support Lead

The Support Department of BostonSolux has for mission to offer technical assistance to our Client-Partners . Our vision is to provide  a high level service of excellence  that aligns with our partners’ expectations and even exceeds them. To do so, we are working to deliver adequate, efficient and fast solutions to address issues we face. Our strategic objective consists of assisting our partners by providing them with an optimal availability of their Information Systems. In order to achieve objectives we have defined, we have a network of experts specialized in each specific...

Document Management Interview with Yvon VODOUNON

BostonSolux focus: Mr Yvon Vodounon, we dare not quote in this interview the exhaustive list of your Expertise, you are Expert in the Architecture Data Center, Linux Server, Data Base and Big Data. You are also Expert in EDM (Electronic Document Management). Let’s talk about EDM, a relevant subject for business decision makers today. Yvon VODOUNON: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the Doc Management topic  with you. EDM is traditionally known for its original use which mainly involves the classification and archiving of documents produced and exchanged by the company....

Human Resources Management interview with SPERO HOUMEY

BostonSolux focus: You are the Founder and Manager of HSI Consulting; you are also the international consultant and Senior-consultant in Human Resource at your partner BostonSolux. With the expansion of HR consulting in Africa, why a new structure in management and human resources consulting? Spéro HOUMEY: Our reflection comes from a dual observation. On one hand, what can we bring as a component of the diaspora in Africa, and on the other hand, what is our contribution alongside businesses in Africa? BostonSolux, HSI Consulting partner is installed in Togo since 2009. BostonSolux relies on...

Interview with Bostonsolux’s CEO

EquatorialGuineaBiz: Hello Mr. Dotse, you are the Chief Executive Officer of BostonSolux and your company has implemented a solution called “BSecured Park Solution” at the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy in Malabo. What exactly is BSecured Park Solution? Dotse Richard: Thank you for the opportunity you offer me. BSecured Park Solution is an integrated solution for secure computer systems that enables reliable access to the resources of the organization. This solution facilitates the way to work and communicate in order to increase the productivity of the company. BSecured Park is a mixed solution...