BostonSolux Power Training


Nowadays, no one can overlook the importance of human resource and its role in the growth and success of a company, as the worth of a company is measured by human competencies. BostonSolux offers personalized and targeted trainings in the fields of management, human resources, leadership, quality, security, and technology to companies. The current crisis context requires leaders willing to take on the growth and the sustainability of their companies, the option to find solutions and suitable management methods to their activities and to the environment in which they operate. Aware of the difficulties of the market, BostonSolux provides all the expertise and experience of its consultants by offering an appropriate service using leading-edge technology, management in order to come up with personalized solutions for the improvement of their performances and competitiveness internationally. Our actions are part of a vision consisting of making BostonSolux a worldwide reference leader in Management Consulting and Information Technology Solutions through training with its outstanding services.

BostonSolux Management Team.