Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning efforts are a big unknown for many organizations. The organizations’ Leaders understand the needs, but are worried about committing to investments that may not have much of an actual payoff.

The fact is disaster is unavoidable, but not being able to recover from it, is a nightmare. Regardless how well a business or company may be prepared to sustain a potential disaster, it is not always trivial how to ensure business continuity after a disaster occurred.

BostonSolux considers this subject as a very sensitive matter for it customers and many business owners.

BostonSolux with its team of experts with many years of experience in designing and implementing disaster recovery solutions offers a comprehensive and competitive customized COOP approach that guaranteed recovering from a disaster or better “avoiding it”.

Our reputation relies on the expertise of our DR senior engineers who have developed a proven COOP plan at very competitive price for many businesses around the world.

BostonSolux offers a free risk assessment and helps businesses identify the impact of disasters on their operations, and provides them with a COOP tailored to fit their business need within budget constraint.