Interview with Bostonsolux’s CEO


EquatorialGuineaBiz: Hello Mr. Dotse, you are the Chief Executive Officer of BostonSolux and your company has implemented a solution called “BSecured Park Solution” at the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy in Malabo. What exactly is BSecured Park Solution?

Dotse Richard: Thank you for the opportunity you offer me. BSecured Park Solution is an integrated solution for secure computer systems that enables reliable access to the resources of the organization. This solution facilitates the way to work and communicate in order to increase the productivity of the company. BSecured Park is a mixed solution using the latest technologies from Cisco, Microsoft and Linux infrastructures to secure local area network, wireless and telecommunications.

EquatorialGuineaBiz: What advantages does this solution offer its users?

RD: This solution offers several advantages among others: it improves Internet browsing experience and optimizes communications with the use of personal emails, IP telephony and advanced videography. Another advantage BSecured Park provides is the access to your directories remotely. BSecured Park Solution connects computer systems, Linux servers and storage systems in a robust Data center, capable of supporting multiple applications such as electronic document management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). BSecured Park Solution is a very cost effective solution in terms of investment.

EquatorialGuineaBiz:  Why was this solution chosen by the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy (MMIE) officials among many others offered by competitors?

RD: This proposed solution was chosen first because we have demonstrated great speed and professionalism that fascinated our client. For your kind information, we were the last to be informed of the bid inviting companies to submit their technical and financial offers. But in a record of time, we delivered an offer that corresponded exactly to the technical and strategic requirements of our partner MMIE. In fact, BostonSolux has within itself multiple consultants with various backgrounds: IT experts, certified projects managers (PMP), etc. All these consultants have worked to deliver a solution that not only met the aspirations of our partner but also went above and beyond client’s requirements: A solution that is innovative and scalable.

EquatorialGuineaBiz: Do you think there will be a before and after implementation?

RD: Of course there will be a before and after. This implementation will allow MMIE to have a reliable access to corporate resources, reduce the time required to absorb technology investments, and provide experience and a consistent and productive use of resources and especially reduce operating costs and increase profitability.

EquatorialGuineaBiz: Apart from BSecured Park, what other solutions does BostonSolux offer its clients?

RD: BostonSolux is a business management consulting, IT solutions and training firm. BostonSolux provides expertise in the areas of project management and implementation of software, the security of information systems, data backup, consolidation and virtualization of servers, and Process Management, Human Resources management. BostonSolux is the number one partner in Business and IT Solution in Equatorial Guinea

BostonSolux offers a variety of services and training that will enable a significant advance over your competitors: Documents Management, Architecture and Network Security, IT Audit, the implementation of messaging system and training. We also offer project management expertise.

EquatorialGuineaBiz: Sir, Could you please tell us more about Documents Management?

RD: Gladly! Documents Management (DM) is known for its original use which consists in the filing and archiving of documents produced and exchanged by a company or government; That said, Doc. Management has evolved today that allows it to cover a wider range. DM has become nowadays a tool involved in the strategy and management of the company.

EquatorialGuineaBiz: What are the structures that may use DM?

RD: At BostonSolux we are able to adapt to different structures regardless of their size or dimension and whatever their sector of activities might be. We define with the client’s real needs to adapt its business processes. BostonSolux implements DM for Insurance companies, banks, governments and others.

EquatorialGuineaBiz: What kind of training does BostonSolux deliver?

RD: I must tell you that every business is unique; and therefore, each company has unique needs including training. BostonSolux does not only offer ready-made solutions, each manager receives a personalized training considering their specific training needs. This training is delivered by our consultants that determine in advance the needs of the business and the potential of the manager in order to better design tools to provide training to the indigent. In all cases, consultants at BostonSolux beforehand spend time with manager and develop together a training program tailored to desire by companies and their management objectives.

EquatorialGuineaBiz: Business executives believe BostonSolux is now the number one partner in Business and IT Solution in Equatorial Guinea. What are short and long terms goals?

RD: Our primary goal is to prove our know how in countries where we settle down and then develop with our clients a strategic partnership. Today, in the context of generalized crisis in Africa, BostonSolux’s ambition is to find and propose solutions and appropriate management methods to businesses in the environment in which they operate.

BostonSolux also wants to take part in the reduction of the digital divide for the benefit of disadvantaged populations on one hand and between the North and the South on the other. BostonSolux intends to reach these goals in the near future in order to contribute effectively to the building of a new and successful Africa.