Quick Billing


Our Quick billing solution is  a modular organized application around a standard billing module available for Telecom companies

The standard module includes the following features:

  • Mediation Server  supporting the following platforms : Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel, ZTE
  • Rating and billing engine for postpaid traffic
  • Roaming traffic (TAP IN/OUT 3.12, NRTRDE) management
  • Invoice production (paper and electronic) interfacing to external account receivable, general ledger software or ERP
  • Customer database management (Prepaid & Postpaid), subscription – Inner credit control (inside the current billing cycle), warning and notification, automatic cut off
  • Reporting and statistic tools, standard reports production  – Customer self service – Global & transparent provisioning, automatic synchronization between Customer databases, HLR and SCP – Integration with SCP to insure prepaid and postpaid convergence 

VAS and other services billing module  

Plugin of others services billing inside standard billing such WIFI service based on UCOPIA and other VAS.  Integration to customer database as service – Billing roles and pricing management – CDR or other billable events capture, rating and integration   

 Interconnection module   

– Billing roles pricing and trunk groups management according to interconnection agreements – Rating and billing interconnection segregated CDR from mediation device – Interconnection billing and flexible report production in accordance with the format agreed with interconnection partners  


Convergent Billing

Both Prepaid and Postpaid are managed by the same customer care platform, from a unique database. They will be taking in charge in the same way with exactly the same quality of service. Only this functionality, thanks to the related services, guarantees churn control and allows development of powerful tools for subscriber loyalty.


Operator will take advantage of powerful tools such as:

  • Batch activation or deactivation of SIM/MSISDN couple directly from Quick-Billing,
  • Synchronized provisioning to HLR, SCP, VAS and other platform,
  • Automatic synchronization between HLR, SCP and subscriber database,
  • Real convergence prepaid-postpaid by mixed accounts (ex: postpaid during working time and prepaid after working time, postpaid for local calls and prepaid for international calls or to allow subscriber belonging to a specific class of service to switch from postpaid to prepaid by using a specific USSD syntax ).
  • Availability of on demand physical and electronic detailed billing for prepaid subscriber after authentication.
  • Ability to manage prepaid SCP account directly from Quick-Billing web responsive UI screens (recharge & debit account, change class of service, suspension, SIM swap…).
  • Manual migration from prepaid to postpaid or from prepaid to postpaid, automatic migration due to credit control loop.
  • Quick-Billing will allow operator to offers unique commercial & marketing service and at the same time, it will allow to monitor all time, prepaid &postpaid incomes, churn rates and other interesting KPI evolution.
  • Availability to offer Customer Cares services over Quick-Billing web GUI or USSD short codes: Sim swap, Suspend/Unsuspend account, change PIN, provide PUK, specify Usage limits, services activation/deactivation (BAIC, BAOC, BIC, BICRO, BOIEXH, CLIP, CLIR, CUG, FAF, …)

For more information about our Quick billing please contact our Strategy Solutions Department at [email protected]