SmartGrid Solution


Our Smart Grid integrated Utility Business Management  solution provides

  • Executive view of utility system performance
  • Outage supervision & asset management
  • Business services integration ( billing , capacity planning )
  • Interoperability with other utility systems
  • Integrated operations planning and management
  • Foundation for NextGen Utility Management platform

The solution highlights

  • Mideleware Utility management platform, based on SCADA standards:
    • Integration with existing power plant dashboards
    • Data warehousing for historical trending
    • Analytics and business planning
  • Analytics & Integration with near real-time data from dispatch center
    • System can be updated with map of repair progress by technicians
  • Call center integration for customer reports on issues
  • Lay the foundations for integration with similar utility systems
    • Standard –based approach to designing utility management platform
    • Can be adapted to other industries where Executive oversight is required

The solution meets the following business requirements

  • Executive Dashboard
  • Reporting for Electrical Power Plant Monitoring & Operations
  • Global Communication Network System to support all energy operations
    • VoIP
    • Radio Transmission
    • IP Network
    • Global call center for Operations Support

For more information please contact our Strategy solutions department at str[email protected]